The signer of this electronic document also known as “INDIVIDUAL” and Intel United, llc. known as “COMPANY”, agree not to disclose any “information” from communications, written or verbal, from any agreed-upon, ongoing investigation provided by COMPANY. This non-disclosure applies to any initial consultation, email or telephone transmission, or any communication thereafter. “Information” is defined as identities of Investigators, parties named or associated with INDIVIDUAL’s case/consultation, pricing of services, process of services, trade secrets, or identities of any third-party provided to you during any transmission. The release of this information must be approved by both parties prior to its release. Both parties, COMPANY and INDIVIDUAL, agree to follow this agreement unless otherwise agreed upon. This non-disclosure agreement only expires when agreed by both parties, COMPANY and INDIVIDUAL. TO ACCEPT THE TERMS OF THIS AGREEMENT, PLEASE TYPE YOUR FULL NAME IN LIEU OF ANY HANDWRITTEN SIGNATURE. PLEASE CHECK BOX IF YOU AGREE:

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